Thermostat Kit Honda

If you have a snow bike our thermostat kit is a must have to regulate engine temperature.



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Our snow bike thermostat kit helps regulate a constant engine temperature to improve snow bike performance, improve fuel consumption and fuel from getting into the oil.  

Stock dirt bikes do not use thermostats. When a dirt bike is used as a snow bike the lack of a thermostat leads to cold coolant temps. The stock ECU sees the cold coolant and over fuels thinking the bike is constantly in “warm up” mode. The thermostat in this kit modifies your cooling system to operate like automotive systems have for decades by keeping the coolant flowing all the time through the engine, but not through the radiators, until it is up to a selected temperature.

Without a thermostat, engine coolant remains cold and so does the oil. Cold coolant leads to a rich air/fuel ratio and causes horrible fuel consumption and limited horsepower. If the oil isn’t at operating temperature the crankcase will slowly fill with fuel, and over long rides — like those in the cold mountains — the engine can hydro lock.

Our snow bike thermostat kit fits 1-inch pressure/return lines. Install takes less than an hour.