Honda 17-22 450 Wingman Kit

2017-2022 Honda R&RX 450 Snowbike Wingman Kit 

This kit REALLY wakes the detuned Honda 450s up!



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2017-2022 Honda R&RX 450 Snowbike Wingman Kit 

This kit REALLY wakes the detuned Honda 450s up!

- 8 hp gain

- 19% fuel savings

- solves fuel in engine oil problem

- built in barometric pressure sensor.  Our ecu samples the outside air 1000/sec so as you are changing altitude the fueling changes on the fly to stay accurate and never over/under fuel.  The stock bike nor our competition is capable of this. 

- maintain consistent engine tempuratures.

- ecu map tuned for snowbike track load (not dirt bike tires!

- comes with Raze Motorsports Replacement ECU, billet inline thermostat, coated braided stainless bypass line, return coupler, and dual map switch.

The 2017 R & RX follow the instructions in the Resources tab. 

The 2018/2019 R is plug and play

The 2018/2019 RX requires instructions to be followed in the resources tab.


If you have a 2017 model follow the instructions listed on the resource tab. 

If you have a 2018 model follow the instructions listed below. 

Disconnect the battery before beginning the following. 

1.  Remove the stock ecu. 

2. Locate the 2017 instructions diagram located in the resource tab to use the diagram for refferencing the Pins #s and location.

3. Remove Pin 9 from the connector. 

4. Connect Pin 9 to Wire 29.  DO NOT remove pin 29 from the connector.  Make a permanent connection of wire 9 to 29.   Do not make a jumper between the 2 wires.  9 is to be removed from  the connector and soldered or crimped permanently to wire 29.  29 pin stays in the connector.  

5. Locate pin 32 and 30.  Swap their locations.  Put 32 in 30s location and 30 to 32s location. 

You are now ready to install the Raze Ecu. 

Once the bikes battery is reconnected the clutch will cycle the ecu awake when the crank sensor is reading 0 rpm.  It does not do this in stock form.  When you hear the fuel pump cycle with the clutch lever pulled when the bike is not running this is suppose to happen.