Brockstar Performance

Brock Buttars is the Burandt of the snowbike world.  He knows what works and what doesnt and only stands behind the products that perform.  He can spin a wrench with the best techs out there, and can put a bike in places that would make guys that claim to be pro riders second guess what pro level status truely is.  He has a full blown snowbike performance shop and is a Master when it comes to both dirtbike and snowbike suspension.  One of the most important aspects of a properly built snowbike is having proper fork work. (p.s. JUST REPLACING fork springs with STIFFER IS ABOUT AS WRONG AS IT GETS!)  Brock has the secret recipe.......... Call him today for all your snowbike parts and service @  435-232-1604 

-Stocking Raze Motorsports Dealer

-Snowbike Guide service threw Beaver Creek Lodge Logan Utah.

1761 E Highcreek Rd
Lewiston, UT 84320
United States