Brewster West

Brewster West is a Grandfather in the Snowbike industry that dates back to the roots of the Two Moto days.  Corrie has more Mod snowbikes out on the snow than any other company in North America.  No matter what track kit is as long as its paired with a KTM Corrie is capable of building your bike into any big bore motor, Turbo, Supercharger, Nitrous, you name it he can do it and do it right.  Not only does he specialize in engine performance, but snowbike builds as a whole.  Suspension, seats, pegs, lights, heated bars, bags, skid plates, you name it he can make it happen.  Just like the old saying goes, your products are only as good as the company your doing business with.  With an Owner Operator like Corrie who lives to ride and has as much experience as Allen who founded Timbersled himself, theres no reason to look any where else to build or service your snowbike for this year.  Call Corrie today.


209 Sunset Blvd S.E.

Turner Valley Alberta


209 Sunset Blvd S.E.
Turner Valley, AB T0L 2A0