Ski Doo 900 IBC Premium Gauges

This is a stand alone ECU that replaces the factory ECU.



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This is a stand alone ECU that replaces the factory ECU.  This IS NOT a fuel control box that works conjunction with the factory ECU.  Plugs into factory harness with no cutting of wires.

The ECU is available in 2 variations.

1. Calibrated and designed with Stage 1 Turbo Kit.

2. Stock sled no turbo. HUGE GAINS.  A stock sled with just our ECU upgrade outperforms many of the stage 1 turbo kits on the market.  We will be uploading video very soon.

3. Custom calibrations for other turbo kits or aftermarket parts available.  Call in to discuss.

We stand behind all of our products with a money back guarantee. Not only on the performance we claim but on customer satisfaction.  If you're not happy, send it back and we will refund you in full.

• Electronic Wastegate and Boost Controlled by the ECU.

• Dynamic ignition timing strategy to produce insane throttle response, huge horsepower gains and eliminate turbo lag.

• Soft rev limiter to protect valve train.

• Pump fuel, E85, race fuel, water-meth, and nitrous maps available.

• Built-in Baro Sensor for dynamic fueling, timing, and boost altitude compensation.

• Launch Control, 2-Step, and Traction Control activated with OEM switches and controls.

• Raze ECUs are made with vehicle specific CAN bus communications. All factory dash functions and buttons work.

• Knock Control - Dynamic Feed Forward Knock Control. Always adjusting to apply maximum safe timing. This is Standard with all kits.

• Closed loop. Kit comes with an included harness for an analog 02 input. Almost all 02 controllers and gages have an analog output. Just hook that wire to our harness and the ECU will automatically switch into closed loop.

The 1200 ECU runs on our patent pending RPM Targeting engine strategy.  The ECU is targeting 9150 RPM's on the 1200 motor.  It will do whatever it takes to hit that target giving ignition timing dominance over boost in the strategy.  We give ignition timing dominance first in the strategy because making power with timing rather than more boost keeps the intake air as cold as possible.  Do you want to turn the boost up on your kit?  Add more weight to the clutch and the ECU will see the extra load and turn up the power to hit its target.

This is a plug and play ECU.  We do not offer tuning capabilities to the public.  Our strategies are extremely complicated and calibrated with OEM level engineering tools (Mat Labs). Custom in-person engine calibrations by Raze Motorsports are available for high level competition builds.

The kit comes with everything necessary to take the kit out of the box, install it on your machine, and go ride.

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