Polaris RZR 1000 Turbo ECU Kit

Expected ship date Feburary 2017




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Expected ship date Feburary 2017


We have the wire harness and can bus communication complete.  We are still working on our engine calibration.   We will be in Glamis for Halloween 2016 if anyone wants to meet up to try out a prototype.

• Electronic Wastegate and Boost Control.
• Dynamic ignition timing strategy to produce insane throttle response, huge horsepower gains and eliminate turbo lag.
• Soft rev limiter to protect valvetrain.
• Pump fuel, E85, race fuel, water-meth, and nitrous maps available.
• Raze’s patented Nitrous Engagement Strategy eliminates nitrous engine failures due to human error; is responsive to cold weather, altitude, bottle pressure, gear, engine load, RPM, ECT, ICT, and throttle input.
• Built-in Baro Sensor for dynamic fueling, timing, and boost altitude compensation.
• Launch Control, 2-Step, and Traction Control activated with OEM switches and controls.
• Raze ECUs are made with vehicle specific CAN bus communications. All factory dash functions and buttons work.
• Knock Control - Dynamic Feed Forward Knock Control.  Always adjusting to apply maximum safe timing.
• Closed loop self adjusted tuning – ECU will automatically self adjust for most hard part configuration. Will require the use of qualified map & O2 sensor.