Maverick 1000 MR (low gear)

Release Date Feb. 2017



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Release Date Feb. 2017

This ECU kit is dialed in and ready to go.  Four stroke fly by wire throttle engines have a huge seat of the pants improvement over stock when doing an ECU swap with spot on calibrations.  The stock ECU when you request 100% torque, the torque management strategy from the OEM only gives you around 30%, off of initial acceleration then slowly opens the throttle blade to 100% as you start to accelerate.  With our ECU and engine calibration this kit literally will pull the front wheels off the ground on pavement.  When you request 100% you get 100%.  Removes the speed limiter, way more aggressive power curve, and adds a bunch of ponies up top while keeping the engine still within its safe limits.  Kit comes with all the bells and whistles below along with a wire harness and mounting bracket.

• Electronic Wastegate and Boost Control.
• Dynamic ignition timing strategy to produce insane throttle response, huge horsepower gains and eliminate turbo lag.
• Soft rev limiter to protect valvetrain.
• Pump fuel, E85, race fuel, water-meth, and nitrous maps available.
• Raze’s patented Nitrous Engagement Strategy eliminates nitrous engine failures due to human error; is responsive to cold weather, altitude, bottle pressure, gear, engine load, RPM, ECT, ICT, and throttle input.
• Built-in Baro Sensor for dynamic fueling, timing, and boost altitude compensation.
• Launch Control, 2-Step, and Traction Control activated with OEM switches and controls.
• Raze ECUs are made with vehicle specific CAN bus communications. All factory dash functions and buttons work.
• Knock Control - Dynamic Feed Forward Knock Control.  Always adjusting to apply maximum safe timing.
• Closed loop self-adjusted tuning – ECU will automatically self-adjust for most hard part configuration. Will require the use of qualified map & O2 sensor.