KTM 450 King Kong Kit


-Idles on 2 lbs boost 

- 90HP

- 0 LAG



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-Idles on 2 lbs boost 

- 90HP

- 0 LAG

The housing and brackets are well above the frame, but we know anything is possible in the back country.  There is also more room for the shifter.  

After extensive testing with turbo charging snow bikes, our conclusion is that the only way to create a linear power curve is by changing the cams in the motor. The cams in 450 dirt bike engines have a large overlap which works great for n/a motors, but they are the exact opposite for what you want in a turbo motor. We could get the bikes to act decent at lower altitudes, but the second we got them up top all the weak links would amplify exposing themselves. We didn’t feel that customers would want to have to change out their cam shafts between summer and winter seasons, nor lose their stock or after-market exhaust systems. So after 100s of hours with 7 different custom turbo sizes that didn’t work at elevation, we hit control alt delete to our snow bike turbo system and scratched the entire idea. But we have a reputation for being pretty relentless here at Raze Motorsports, so we went back to the drawing board and created the very first Altitude Boost Compensating Snow Bike Supercharger Kit.

King Kong Kit Features:

Billet Flywheel Cover— We include a new billet flywheel cover that has a support bearing and seal for the supercharger drive shaft that attaches to the end of the crank.

Billet Supercharger Bracket — Our billet bracket bolts to the snout of the billet flywheel cover, holds the pro charger, and mounts solid to the stock engine mounts. 

Billet Pulley Cover -- Unlike in the show display photos the pulley system is encapsolated in a sealed billet machined cover.  It is rugged, can take huge hits without loosing structural integrity, and looks great.

ProCharger Supercharger — A name brand with a reputation of exceptional quality and performance – the reason we chose this as our key component. The supplied pulleys pushing this supercharger to 17lbs makes a sound at full throttle that will make your spine tingle.

Custom Billet Pulley Set --  These pulleys are machined in house at Raze Motorsports specifically for this project.

Electronic Boost Control — This is a two piece system. We use a dual acting air actuator commanded by our ECU that directs air pressure to a push/pull style air recirculation valve similar to what you would see on a supercar. Depending on air density, altitude, temperature, etc. the engine can’t always handle 17lbs of boost in all environments. So the ECU monitors all conditions targeting that perfect 90 HP mark at all times. Riding a snow bike equipped with our King Kong kit on a cold dry day in Minnesota the ECU might only command 3-4 lbs. A warm day at the top of Cooke City, Montana the ECU might be commanding full boost as long as the IAT isn’t hot. The ECU has full capabilities of commanding 0 boost, such as in an overheat situation; or 17 lbs. if needed to get it done.

Bosch Fuel Injector — A larger Bosch injector is supplied. It’s not a Chinese look-alike that the after-market performance world is so used to seeing. This is a real deal authentic Bosch part.

Setback Foot Pegs & Shift Lever — The supercharger pulley encroaches on the shift lever. Moving the foot pegs and shifter back ½” is a must.

Dual Map Switch — A handlebar mounted switch toggles between race/cruise mode.

Run Any Exhaust System — You can run any exhaust system you want. You will just have to weld in the supplied O2 bung so the ECU can auto adjust for your system.

Extremely Fast and Easy Install — The Raze King Kong kit uses basic tools and is very easy to install in under 2 hours.

Raze Motorsports stand alone ecu 

Raze Motorsports thermostat