2016 163 T 3 Summit Turbo

2016 Ski Doo T3 163

367 Miles


- Fox Evols Front and Rear

- Skins Forward A arms



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2016 Ski Doo T3 163

367 Miles


- Fox Evols Front and Rear

- Skins Forward A arms

- Skins Electronic Arc Coupler


- Skinz Pro running Boards

- Post Forward steering post with upgraded bearing

- Carbon Fiber Hood with Nextech LED Headlight (very bright)

- C&A BX skis with -3/4 modified keel with radius edges

- Hyperfax slides

- Ski Doo Ice Scratchers

- Pro Taper Henry/Reed Bars with KTM Grips

- C3 Belt Drive

- Skins Rasmussen Bumper

- Panels Fully Vented

- Flipable mountain grab bar


Lithium Braile ML9 3.7Lbs 793 CCA


Boondocker Race Tial Gate MTA Oiless Turbo Kit

The reason this sled only has 367 miles on it is because it runs horrible.  Kit was installed perfect. We ran it couldn't get it dialed in, took it to Boondockers headquarters, they had it for 2 weeks they said everything is done correct and they think it is good to go. Told us its possible engine underhood heat with the carbon fiber hood that intakes air the same way a stock hood does.  So we ran it with no hood or side panels at engine temp and it ran just as bad.  We put the engine with their fuel control box on our scope found that it doesn't manipulate the timing of the engine at all, the auxilary injectors are being batch fired which causes the nasty backfire in the exhaust, and the only altitude compensation we recorded was boost pressure changes. When we brought it back to Wisconsin we couldnt ride it here due to the system being built around the waste gate spring so you can never request lower boost than the spring.  Symptoms are extreme turbo lag, pulsing engine rpms at wot, when sled is at wot and throttle is blipped you get exhaust backfires, knock code set off constantly even under low boost with 100 octane unleaded Klots fuel.

We originally were not going to design an 800 etec ecu due to the release of the 850.  We havent even gone live online yet and people are blowing us up about building an 800 etec ecu with boost and dynamic engine management. Our priority is to get the 850 ecu complete with perfect calibrations and then take on the 800 etec project.  Kit will consist of an ecu, harness, waste gate controller, waste gate plumbing, and new waste gate spring. Kit will be designed to come with a package to fix these kits and make them run like they were originally advertised.

 If you are a Boondocker fan you can buy the machine as is today.  If the machine is still for sale when we get the ecu kit done we will sell the kit installed on the machine.  

Hood and Panels are loose and not bolted in the photos.